Teaching Experience

Hi, guys!
I don't know how many years passed coz it's been quite a long time when I last posted my entry in this blog.
Well, people change as time goes by.
So do I.

It's 5:44am and I don't know what brings me to write an entry today.
Perhaps because I remembered my old days.
Where I always type an entry to express my feelings.
Hey! I've got a lot of story in my pockets.
Where should I begin, huh?

Well, lemme start with the oldest news.
Perhaps lame...news?
I graduated my study in Diploma TESL at Unisza last year.
Yes, I am a diploma certificate holder.
Before I ended up my diploma, I taught Year 3 English at SK Manir from 1st Jan until 27th Feb as the trainee teacher.
Right after that, I worked as an English Tutor as a full-time teacher.
The tutorial centre I worked at was Rapid Reader.
It was nearby my housing area.
Yes, it WAS.
I taught standard 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as form 1, 2 and 3.
You might think that was cool.
But frankly speaking, I was tired actually, but somehow I felt great at that time.
Because I was able to teach the students what I've learnt throughout my Diploma year.
The salary was not bad since I was able to give some money and some gifts for my parents and siblings.
That was the moments I thought that I am a responsible daughter.

Let's move on the story on what kind of students I met and taught.
During my practicum months, I was sent to Taska Permata on December 2013 before the school session starts on January 2014.
I still remembered like clearly remembered 6 kiddos from the kinder garden.
Amsyar, Adib, Qayyum, Aisyah, Najwa and Arisa.
They had quite different personalities.
You know, kids around 2 to 4 years old, they tend to be attention seekers just to grab adults' attention.
Thus, they always act cute and sometimes they sulk because they want us to pay attention towards them.
That's why I can't help but to remember each six of them.
It would be such a long story why I remembered six of them though a year passed by.

Proceed with my teaching practicum at SK Manir, Kuala Terengganu.
I was assigned to teach English Year 3.
The class's name did not ring my bell, but the most students who I remembered till now was Iskandar.
He was well I guess still an active student.
When I taught in front of the class, he disturbed his friends.
Sometimes, he even talked to his friends and, of course! he talked back to me.
I was furiously angry at him whenever I entered his class.
Well, not only him but at the whole class.
There were times where I cried because I never know that being a teacher was that hard.
You guess what.
They still know how to 'pujuk' me, and that made my day.
I just love each of them till now.
It was a great pleasure, as well as the great moments to be part of SK Manir for 2 months.

Well, that's all from me I guess.
I'll get back to you for the next story.
Because I'm sleepy like crazy.


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