We Got Married

To Goguma Bubu (고구마 부부) ,

It had been a long year since you finished your broadcast for We Got Married (WGM). Not only me but all of your fans wish that both of you are real couple. YongSeo, you look great together !

 Even though it had been a long time since WGM...
I wanna see Yong~ Choding again
I wanna see Blushing Hyun~ again
I wanna see both of you teasing each other
I wanna see both of you trying to make surprise for each other
I wanna see Yong~ links his arm with Hyun~ and also holds Hyun's~ hand tightly in Yong's~ sweater pocket

I miss to watch both of you sit together and express your feelings.


I couldn't stop crying whenever I remember the last episode for WGM. I couldn't stop crying while watching both of you sing Banmal Song. Your fans know that you still miss each other too, right?

Yonghwa oppa loves Seohyun. So, Seohyun unnie...please accept Yonghwa oppa's heart !  He mentioned that he loves you. He missed the way you comfort him. Goguma fans wish that one day we can see both of you wearing your couple ring and Seohyun unnie wearing the necklace that had been given by Yonghwa oppa again! We always pray that both of you will be a REAL married couple in the future -^,^-

For K-pop fans who doesn't watch We Got Married yet,
I recommend you to watch it !!!

I want Heartstring Korean Drama

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TiQa cHaN said...

Goguma couple is my favourite couple in WGM too~ I hope they're real too~ huhu~ anyway, lets just keep supporting them yah :D

:::Mizz Freesia::: said...

wah...they're sweet couple right? YongSeo~ ^^,

miss lollipop said...

TiQa cHaN : yeah! keep supporting them! (:

miss lollipop said...

:::Mizz Freesia::: yep! always sweet ^^


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