My mood is swinging right now.

That is the major problem why I feel stress.

Last night a friend of mine told me a story.
When I listened to her.
I just felt like...

I climbed up a mountain to reach at the top of it.
And then a strong wind came...
I try to hold on tightly.
But then the strong wind came over and over again.
The last result was...
I fell into a dark hole.
To get out of it I have to start right from the bottom AGAIN.

Could you imagine...
you close to someone.
You listen to his/her words.
He/She curses that certain person.
You gave them advises.
But then, he/she told to that person...
all the words he/she told you is YOURS.
And then, YOU and THAT PERSON are having a BIG PROBLEM.
*INDEED...most all of you experienced it, right?*


From: ME
*I wish I can mention her name*

"Why you told her that I was making up that story? Saya tak ambil tahu apa2 pun pasal dia. I knew her story from YOU! BECAUSE you are the closest friend of her. Awak kutuk dia depan saya. But then, awak cakap saya yang kutuk dia? WTH!!! You used my name...did you realized that you created this chaos? Still...you can smile and laugh and order me around to do something for you. What kind of friend you are??? Saya malas nak ungkit what I have done for you. But, saya paling marah...when you told her. Jangan minta tolong dari saya? HEY YOU! Awak sedar tak? Awak halang kawan awak untuk berjaya! WHAT MAKES YOU HATE ME SO MUCH? Arghhhh!!!"

I lost this battle.

"Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on...you have me. And I have been thinking all of this while...you'll be my shoulder when I have problems. THAT IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE. I miscalculated about you. You make me as an umbrella. To avoid from getting wet...you use me as your shelter. When the sun comes out...you left me behind."

Abg umar was right.
I shouldn't put my trust on anyone.

I have to shut down this problem.
I must restart my life again.

Thank you for telling me NNMR. LOVE YOU!
I need NKK and NS...CHIGEUM!

Gara2 masalah ni...aku sekarang tengah demam + pening.

Nak ke Mesra Mall tengok wayanggg!!!

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