This is me skipping my blog entry for like years.
This morning I just have the urge to open this blog to write something.
Well, I guess I should try to keep my blog as an online diary.

These past few days I've been thinking to deactivate my social media accounts.
Due to the COVID-19 issues, I decided to not do that as I might be left behind.
Plus I'm an ignorant folk when it comes to current issues.
One of the reasons why my thinking skills are rusty.

Too many things to catch up with.
Let's just skip part by part.

I graduated from Diploma TESL in 2014.
In between that, I worked as a private English Tutor.
Furthered my study in BTESL at Management and Science University in September 2014.
Married to my first love on the 9th of December 2017.
Graduated from BTESL in August 2018.
Unemployed until now.

Before you judge me, pardon my grammars.
Oh, I actually did some home tutor and proofreading jobs.
However, I decided to stop for a while.
If that makes sense heh.

Currently, I'm working as a marketing manager (?) 
My friend, Pika, asked me to collaborate with her as she is selling The Wooman Potion.
If it's your first time hearing about it, just search us in Instagram @thewoomanpotion.terengganu.
That's how I end up working as her colleague.
I do all the promoting stuff while she attends to our customers.
Since attending to the customers is quite a tiring job.
I help her in term of cash on delivery, self-pickup and postage services whenever I'm not too occupied with my life.

Oh, I live apart from my husband.
He works at Johor, while I'm at Terengganu.
I still managed to serve and attend my husband when we lived together from August 2018 until February 2019.
So now, it has been 1 year plus living apart from him.
Kind off upset and we bicker a lot.
I always looking for minor mistakes just because I want his attentions.
Hope you're not misunderstanding me.
My husband is the best but since we first married we've been living apart until he decided to live together.
However, his working environments and conditions don't allow us to stick together.

This year going to be our third year in marriage-ship.
I don't really think we're like any commonly married couples who are living together.
Whenever I had the chance to meet my husband, I always used our time together to the fullest as I won't know when I'll get to meet him.
It is because his works require him to move around (Klang, Melaka, Johor).
So, that is it.

To be frank I want to share my feelings.
Somehow I end up rambling about random stuff.

I miss my husband so much on a day like today.
We had a conversation about our life and he seemed guilty and sad.
All I want is to be by his side, to stroke his cheeks, console, cuddle and kiss him that things will fall at their places when the time comes.
Now, I couldn't do that due to the Restriction Movement Order.
I pray that all the COVID-19 issues will settle down as quickly as possible so all of us can meet to catch up on some things and get things back on their plates.

You might think I have an ordinary life.
But not me.
This is my extraordinary life.

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