I just want to share my random thoughts tonight.
It has been 2 months since the Malaysians Government started the Restriction Movement Order/ Movement Control Order (whatever you may call it).

I was happy when I heard the RMO as I am a homebody.
I just love my house and my bed.
The feeling of not getting out from this house makes me out of words.
I just love lazying around but my business still keeps me going.
So not really 100% bum around.

Entered the second week, my heart was wriggling to see the world.
Oh, my bedroom has no windows.
So I have no single ideas of what the weather is like outside unless it is raining.
I could tell it is raining by the raindrops sound on the rooftop.
Anyway, I volunteered to be the main household buying the groceries.
I was so happy but apart from that, I was 80% nervous about the what-ifs.
The coronavirus developed the germaphobic inside me.
When I thought I had enough of going outside, I searched for what I want to do most.
Well, I still do groceries because I get worried sick whenever my parents going out for groceries as they are vulnerable.

Since the dalgona coffee was a thing during the first and second weeks of RMO, I just love watching people enjoying their own stuff.
I keep asking myself what I love and then ka-ching!
I love kpop and kdramas so why not I start learning hangul for real.
I learned before but I forgot the alphabets.
So, I motivated myself to learn hangul and now I can read the alphabets except the complex vowels.
I stuttered when reading hangul but hey! I managed it!

I told my husband I learned hangul and he supports me.
Guess what? He is so jealous of me for having time to learn my favourite language.
He loves the Japanese language but he has to focus on his certificate exam which I don't know when it's going to take place but I knew he studies hard for the exam.
He promised me that he will allow me to enrol into the Korean class - sponsored by him.

My aim is to be an intermediate level of hangul student.
I want to read them as smooth as I could.
I want to speak in Korean as fast as I could as well.
The last time I learned the foreign language was 8 years ago - the Arabic language.
Since I am burning with passion to master the hangul, I purchased my first hangul workbook.
I was so happy when I first received it!
There's no shortcut when it comes to language learning.
I hope by the end of I don't know when I can use hangul as much as I can.

Learning a foreign language at the age of 27 years old with this rusty mind?
It is hard but it is possible.
Therefore, wish me luck!

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